RGV's Case: Quarantine Is different From Covid-Positive

Ram Gopal Varma looks fit and healthy. He was seen interacting with fans on Instagram on Tuesday evening (August 11) along with actress Apsara Rani promoting his upcoming web movie “Thriller”.

But there is news that his lawyer informed the court in Nalgonda that the filmmaker has tested corona positive and so cannot attend the court. 

The news says that when the judge asked why RGV was not present in the case filed against him by Amrutha, the lawyer reportedly told the judge that he is under quarantine.

The lawyer’s statement to the court was widely reported by mainstream newspapers with a small misconception that the director tested Covid positive, but Ram Gopal Varma claims that as fake news but didn't give any explanation.

But we suspect this might have happened like this.  

At this juncture anybody has the freedom to be in quarantine. If he/she meets any corona positive patient in the last 10 days, one may suspect and get self isolated.

RGV keeps on meeting several people in the name of interviews and shootings. So, he might have chosen to self quarantine himself for some days.

But the word "quarantine" used by the lawyer in the court, might have been understood as "Corona Positive" by a section of the media. Both are different. 

Above all, if RGV is Covid-Positive then he will get into government records and nothing can be hidden. 

Amrutha filed a petition against Ram Gopal Varma for making a film based on her life and her husband Pranay. The killing of Pranay by Amrutha’s father shocked the entire nation.

RGV’s upcoming web movie “Murder” is based on this incident but he says his film is fictional reality.

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