Why Chiranjeevi is Preferring Meher Ramesh?

Tollywood is abuzz with the news that Megastar Chiranjeevi has given his final nod to director Meher Ramesh.

He will direct Chiranjeevi with the story based on the Tamil movie “Vedhalam”.

Pawan Kalyan was supposed to act in this remake but he kept it aside. But megastar Chiranjeevi now taking up this story and entrusting the job of remaking it in Telugu to a director who has not made a film in the last seven years has raised eyebrows.

The director of Prabhas’s ‘Billa’ and NTR’s ‘Kantri’ had delivered two biggest duds – ‘Shakti’ (2011) and ‘Shadow’ back-t-back. These debacles made the producer run away from him.

Later Meher Ramesh has become Mahesh Babu’s inner circle of friends. Many thought Meher Ramesh bid good-bye to the direction.

But suddenly, he is now getting a chance to direct a major movie thanks to megastar Chiranjeevi.

Why Chiranjeevi is preferring him over other directors like Bobby and Sujeeth? When Mahesh didn’t give any chance to his best friend, why has Chiranjeevi made a promise to Meher?

The answer is simple. Meher Ramesh is Chiranjeevi’s relative. He is the son of Chiranjeevi’s cousin. Meher had mostly worked with NTR, Prabhas, Venkatesh, and forged friendship with Mahesh Babu, but the mega heroes never encouraged him. 

So, Chiranjeevi feels he should give his relative a chance now at least.

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