Watch: Deva Katta's Warning To Vishnu Induri

Deva Katta, the director who is known for his film "Prasthanam" both in Telugu and Hindi has posted a series of tweets today on the announcement of Vishnu Induri's web series based on YSR and CBN.

Followed by that he has spoken exclusively to greatandhra on this issue. First let us see his tweets and then get into what he spoke in the interview. 

His tweets:-

"In 2017, I have written a script paying homage to the iconic YSR/CBN political life imagining a fictional friendship/professional rivalry between them and registered it under the copy rights act.

I have also registered multiple versions of this script since 2017. The “idea” is being hijacked by some people here over several “party talks” but hope they limit their fiction to the public domain and don’t invite any legal action by copying any of my registered themes/scenes.

This script was first written as a 3 part film inspired by Godfather, which I later converted into a web series format. Our team has pitched this idea to some major OTT platforms and our legal team is closely following up with this news!!

Earlier this same person stole another script I pitched directly and made a disaster out of it!! This time I won’t let him spoil another exciting script out of sheer respect for YSR gaaru and CBN gaaru!!"

His Exclusive Interview:

On this issue, greatandhra has talked to Deva Katta and he has opened up about various incidents relating to this issue. 

Deva Katta in his interview said, "I am giving a warning to Vishnu Induri that I will go in legal way if he plagiarized any of his fictional ideas. I have registered six scripts on this subject. So even a small lifting from any of the scripts will attract a legal battle". 

In continuation he also shared, "Vishnu Induri is known for his lies. Many in the entertainment industry know about him. He lies, lives in that lie, forgets that as a lie in due course of time and believes that lie as truth. I pity him for that.  That's the life he has chosen. He may make many successful films and becomes as big as Harvey Weinstein. I don't bother. But he shouldn't pilfer my sweat and effort". 

Deva also added saying, "He is making Thalaivi and in the process to be in news he has thrown this as a biscuit for the media. He feels that he has left a kerchief on this idea. But ideas are no one's monopoly. He can happily make it. I don't have any qualms. But I only warn him again no to touch my fictional element". 

In conclusion he said," I am just looking into the eyes of a liar and telling him I know what he is. I was betrayed by him once. But now I am not hiding myself to voice out my feelings". 

We have to see if Vishnu Induri responds to this or simply maintains silence. Of course sometimes, silence will be understood as accepting the allegation. 

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