Free Publicity For Action Star's OTT Release!

Producers spend a lot on the publicity promos for the theatrical release of their movies, but not many are willing to promote the movies that are releasing on OTT platforms as aggressively.

There was literally no news about Krishna And His Leela’s release on Netflix until a few subscribers spotted it in Netflix recommendations.

Skipping theatrical release itself is a huge loss for producers, which is why they are not spending additional money on promotions.

Vishal’s Chakra also is gearing up for direct-to-digital release soon. He and his movie are in the news for wrong reasons as his ex-accountant made some bizarre allegations against him.

Although it is irritating for the action star, he should be happy for the free publicity that his movie has been getting.

Along with the news of the fallout between Vishal and his accountant, the media is duly reporting about his upcoming movie Chakra.

Vishal needs to spend a few crores to get such coverage for his movie. 

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