Popular Anchor Bittiri Sathi Joins Sakshi TV

Popular anchor and comedian Bithiri Sathi has now joined Sakshi TV to host a satirical comedy show on the lines of V6’s “Teenmaar” and TV9’s “Ismart News”.

Sathi became popular with these two programs but TV9 made him resign. The TV9’s new management and editorial team and Bittiri Sathi had a fallout.

Though he hails from the Telangana region and speaks in pure Telangana dialect, Bittiri Sathi has gained popularity in Andhra Pradesh as well.

Sakshi TV which is looking for programs that would help fetching TV ratings has immediately offered good pay to Sathi. He will now produce and host the show which will be telecast every day at 8.30. The program might go air from next week.

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