KA Paul Blasts Krishnam Raju In His Style

Peace lover KA Paul, the founder of Prapancha Shanti Party seems to be angry now. He claims that 62 countries are backing him in the war against Corona.

He affirms that the virus is the creation of China. He alleges that Telugu media never focuses on the good things like this. 

He has also lambasted the Telugu Chief Ministers for not accepting his open offer of lending his places for quarantine centers with hundreds of beds.

He appeals to the people to join him for the fight in exposing China and make it accountable and repent for the sin the nation has committed. 

Above all, he has openly vented anger on Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju alleging that he has sent a text threatening to kill him. He advised him to take the blessings as no one survived who stood against him. 

As the final nailing, he said that he moved to America to develop the world. He shared that he would have stayed back in Narsapuram and developed Andhra Pradesh like America had the people elected him. 

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