#WhereIsKCR Campaign On Twitter

Covid-19 pandemic is taking a serious turn in Telangana as MLAs and Cabinet Ministers are testing positive.

There were official reports in the media that 20 employees of Pragathi Bhavan tested positive for Covid-19 and CM KCR moved to his farmhouse.

There are gossips circulating in the political & media circles that the CM has been tested positive for Covid-19. 

Though there is no official confirmation about it, his conspicuous absence is adding fuel to the fire. A couple of leading newspapers also mentioned that his absence is leading to the rumors.

#WhereIsKCR is trending on Twitter since morning and netizens are demanding him that he should hold a press conference to brief the actual situation of Covid-19 tests and positive cases in the state. 

They are saying that the Telangana has conducted the least number of tests in the whole country and the positive rate is alarmingly high.

KCR used to arrange a press meet for every five-six days and he used to interact with the media. He used to assure the safety of the people of the state in his unique style.

Now, everybody is asking why is he not making any public appearance? Some people are believing that he is infected with Covid-19 and he has been quarantined.

His well-wishers, die-hard fans, and people of the state are worried about his health because of these gossips. They want to know that their leader is hale and healthy. 

On the other hand, they want to get an assurance from him that they're safe in the state.

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