Buzz: Producer's Rs 10 Cr Loan In Corona Time

All the producers are just sitting idle during the corona time. No one is able to predict the future of the film industry. But the situation of a big producer is different.

He has reportedly taken a loan of 10 cr saying that he is doing the next film of a superstar, and he has to pay him advance urgently. 

The ten crores were given to him in the form of cash only after thoroughly verifying the details like who is that superstar, what is the film, who is the director etc. 

The producer has produced several small and big-budget films in the past, he also made films with that superstar. There is a talk that the hero has given him a chance to produce his film again.

Now, it has become a hot topic whether the hero received the ten crores advance during corona time or the producer has taken the loan for the other adjustments.

He might have taken the credit to invest in another upcoming medium budget film as well. 

On the whole, he must have taken a ten crores credit out of some necessity or with huge confidence in something else.

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