Is Mudragada Praising or Faulting Jagan?

After a long hibernation, former minister and Kapu strongman from East Godavari district Mudragada Padmanabham is back to his letter writing activity on the same subject: reservations to Kapus under BC quota.

On Friday, Mudragada wrote a letter to YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy asking him why he was not showing any interest in providing reservations to Kapu community under BC quota.

The tone and tenor of Mudragada’s letter made one wonder whether he is criticising or praising Jagan Mohan Reddy or making genuine request.

“You should win the appreciation of people like Naveen Patnaik, Jyothi Basu and your father Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. But you should not make your rule a short-term affair,” he said.

The former minister said Jagan had earned the good name as a person of large heart by granting boons to those who had asked and those who hadn’t.

“But why are you ignoring the demand for our community which had been fighting for a long time for reservations?” he asked.

He reminded that Jagan had given full support to the Kapu quota demand when the YSRC was in the opposition both inside and outside the state assembly.

“Why are you reluctant to grant boons to our community now?” he asked.

Mudragada reminded that the Kapu community had extended support to the YSRC in the last assembly elections all over the state, except in a few places.

“Have you not exploited the Kapu quota issue during your electioneering? Did your channel not repeatedly telecast the atrocities perpetrated by the previous TDP government and garner the votes of the Kapus in the elections?” he asked.

He demanded that Jagan take up the Kapu quota issue with the Government of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and strive for a solution.

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