Tamannah About Rajamouli's Call

For film celebrities like Tamannah Bhatia who work 24X7, sitting at home idle without any shoots is a very tough thing.

When she was asked about it, she said that she has been busy all through her career so she just wanted to calm down and chill. 

Like everybody, she too felt the pressure to do something productive initially when started staying at home. She said her mother helped in guiding her to go back to our roots. 

She said she adopted a minimalistic lifestyle, found solace in Bhagavad Gita and Durga scriptures.  

Speaking about Rajamouli, she said that Rajamouli sir doesn't cast an actor going by his association with them but he casts only if he thinks that the actor fits the role.

She declared "Whenever you get a call from him, you know that part is made for you". 

She opined that language is not a barrier. She is thankful that Bahubali happened and it was loved everywhere. It made her realize that eveeyone in film industry represents Indian cinema and there is no need to differentiate between religions.

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