Finishing Acharya, A Better Idea!

The shoot of “RRR” has been postponed indefinitely after Rajamouli realizing that it would not be possible for him to continue the shoot implementing new government guidelines of limited staff, restricted timings.

Anyhow, he has made a wise decision of postponing the resumption of the shooting and also pushed the release of the movie to the second half of 2021.

Ram Charan should also take a wise decision of completing his portion for Siva Koratala’s “Acharya” first as it would enable him to plan the release date perfectly.

Ram Charan has agreed to essay a key role in his father Megastar Chiranjeevi starrer. Koratala Siva wanted Mahesh Babu to do the character but Ram Charan shot down the idea. 

Koratala Siva has been sulking for the constant delays in the production of this movie. He has been telling his friends that he has wasted more than two years on this project.

Charan should give priority to Koratala and free him first. 

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