Raghu Kunche's Strong Reaction to Ratings

Critics were unanimous in their rating of “47 Days” which is streaming on the ZEE5 Telugu app.

The thriller that starred Satya Dev got thumbs down from the critics as it was dreary.

But music director Raghu Kunche who is co-producer of the film seems to have shocked by the ratings. Perhaps he was expecting applause.

Taking it to social media, Raghu Kunche has been saying that critics had tried to kill the movie but the audiences have lapped up.

According to him, the film has received good views on the streaming app. Had it hit the theaters, it would have been crushed after the low ratings, he observed.

If the views and the responses from the general public have been good, what is the point in sulking over critics’ opinions? Ultimately, it is the audiences’ reaction that matters the most, right?

He must remember that the same critics had appreciated his last release as actor “Palasa” though it didn’t set cash registers ringing.

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