108 And 104: Grand Relaunch With 5 Star Features

The emergency healthcare vehicles 108 & 104 launched by the former CM, Late.YSR brought him huge accolades. 108 Service has saved many lives and it has become one of the best initiatives taken up by him. 

Now, AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy has relaunched the services by upgrading the vehicles with the latest equipment and facilities. 

Earlier 108 and 104 were more of an ambulance kind of vehicles. Now, they are revamped with the latest equipment to make them sophisticated vehicles that can take care of the emergency situation of the patients. 

The new vehicles of 104 will have a doctor, a nurse, and 108 with a technical attendant to provide emergency health care if needed.

These are the newly added features in vehicles:

Earlier 108 vehicles were available in 440 locations. Now they are available in 705 segments.

The population to the ambulance ratio was 1 per 1,19,545 population. Now it is one per 74,609 population. It is very close to the WHO standards of 1 per 60,000 population.

Neonatal services were not available earlier. Now 26 vehicles are equipped with neonatal services to reduce Neonatal mortality rate.

Earlier only 86 vehicles are equipped with Advanced Life Support. Now the number has been increased by 130. These ambulances will have a ventilator and Automatic Defibrillator(AED).

The new vehicles are equipped with surveillance cameras which will ensure proper health care monitoring by the doctors. There were no surveillance cameras in the old 108 vehicles.

The new vehicles are equipped with Advanced Vehicle Location System(AVLS) with AIS 140 standards. They are also provided with Mobile Data Terminal(MDT) for recording pre-hospital care. The old 108 vehicles didn't have these advanced features.

These vehicles not only provide emergency services to save the lives of people but they also create a visual impact among the people. When the emergency vehicles that are equipped with the latest medical equipment are available to the people in 13 districts 676 mandals, its visual impact will give so much confidence to the people that their lives are safeguarded by the government. It will certainly create a healthy impact on the people even from the remote villages.

YSR launched the program with an intention to save the lives of people who are in an emergency situation. Now Jagan is taking it forward by upgrading the services with a sincere commitment towards the healthcare of the people.

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