Balayya Demanding For Star Heroine?

It is not just getting the dates of big heroes, but finding right heroines to place beside them is more difficult.

Right now Boyapati Srinu is about to make "Monarch" (tentative title) with Balakrishna. The heroines are not finalized yet. 

Boyapati is in the thought of bringing in new heroines for the project. But Balakrishna seems to be insisting on one star heroine at least.

Now the difficulty is not with the budget, but the star heroines are not showing interest to act beside Balakrishna. 

Boyapati has been scouting for different star heroines.

While some are not responding positively, others are citing the reason of call sheets issue, as almost all the films are about to start shootings at a time once the lockdown is lifted completely.

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