Nimmagadda Takes Charge, Why So Hurry?

Even as the YSRC party government in Andhra Pradesh is yet to get the copy of the high court judgement striking down the ordinance promulgated by the Governor on the state election commissioner issue, Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar announced that he had resumed charge as the SEC.

“After the Hon’ble High Court has reinstated me, I have resumed charge. I will discharge my duties fairly and impartially as I did in the past and as mandated,” Nimmagadda said in a statement.

The statement from Nimmagadda came within an hour of the high court judgement and even before the Jagan Mohan Reddy government reacted on the same and the fate of existing SEC Justice V Kanagaraj was yet to be decided.

Nimmagadda said he wished to resume electoral process to the local bodies at the earliest on return of normalcy in consultation with the principal stake holders and all the political parties.

And he also gave a warning of sorts to the government, albeit indirectly, without taking the name of the chief minister.

“Individuals are not permanent. But constitutional institutions and the values they represent alone are permanent in the end,” he said.

He went to the extent of saying that those who have taken an oath of office to protect constitution, have a greater responsibility to continue to protect and safeguard these institutions and their integrity.

One wonders why there was so much hurry for Nimmagadda to assume charge, as the high court judgement was not the final and there is every opportunity for the Jagan government to challenge the same in higher courts. In any case, the elections to the local bodies are not going to be held immediately!

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