Komatireddy's Day Dreams To Become Chief Minister?

It costs nothing to dream. One may not have control on dreams in sleep at night. But spending time with daydreams and wild imaginations is something many idle people do.

Telangana Congress MP Komatireddy Venkata Reddy seems to be in that mode now.

Sources say that his first dream is to become state president of Congress. He is believing that he will be. 

His second dream is to pull 50 TRS MLAs into Congress. There is no logic why the ruling party MLAs will jump into comatosed Congress. Well, dreams don't ask logics. While Congress party men are waiting to join TRS now, how can it happen the other way!

When he is dreaming all these things why should he stop there. He can even imagine as if he became the Chief Minister of Telangana in 2023. Because, it costs nothing to dream.

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