The Day Pawan's Dreams Shattered

This is May 23, the historical day in the politics of Andhra Pradesh. Exactly on the same day last year, the election result was out. 

YSRCP has won triumphantly with 151 seats of Assembly. While TDP has eaten a wild blow with 23 seats, Janasena scored 1 much to the dismay of every PK fan.

Like a pinch on the wound, Pawan Kalyan has lost in both the constituencies of Bheemavaram and Gajuwaka. Thus he lost the chance to step into the Assembly as well.

Earlier to the result and after the election, Pawan Kalyan and Nadella Manohar have predicted the possibility of hung like in Karnataka.

So as Kumaraswamy became the CM of Karnataka in a coalition game despite getting lesser seats, Janasena chief assumed that there are chances for him to become at least Dy CM of Andhra Pradesh by jointly forming the government with TDP. 

But all his dreams got shattered on the result day that is May 23, 2019.

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