TDP Leaders See Baahubali In NTR

NTR, the three letter word seems to be the only saviour of TDP now. This has become evident today on the occasion of NTR's birthday. 

Much to the shock of entire political circles and film media the TDP faces like Ghanta Srinivas, Gorantla Bucchaih Chowdary, Nimmakayala Chinarajappa, Galla Jayadev, Dr BV Jayanageshwara Reddy, Kinjarapu Acchennaayudu, Chintamaneni Prabhakar, Bandaru appala Naidu, Bandaru Sravani, Arimilli Radhakrishna, Ram Mohan Naidu, Bonda Uma, Somireddy, Swetha Kesineni, KS Jawahar, Yarapathineni Srinivas, Paritala Sri Ram have wished NTR on his birthday publicly. 

90% of the above mentioned names never wished NTR before. This clearly shows that entire TDP is looking out for an alternative leader.

Obviously Chandrababu didn't wish him publicly (private matter is not known). Probably, not to get cornered in the process Lokesh Naidu has wished NTR along with the crowd. 

This reminds the story of Bahubali. While CBN and Lokesh are like Bijjaladeva and Bhallaladeva, NTR is being seen like Amarendra Bahubali.

So beware of hidden Kattappas in the party NTR!