Donald Trump Gets A Nickname

American President Donald Trump gets a new nickname "President Tweety". This is given by his political opponent and the Presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

Joe is known for balanced and non controversial nature but he must have tightened his belts to go a bit proactive fighting in Trump's way. 

It is known that Trump nicknamed Joe as "Sleepy Joe" considering his fitness levels and age to vie for the seat of US President. 

Though Joe in an interview a week ago shared that he is really resisting giving a nickname to the President, he did it finally. 

Joe Biden noted, "Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him President Tweety". 

Joe takes a ride on Trump's habit of tweeting 24x7 and not bringing many promises into action. Joe points out that the President is very slow to get the federal aid to the American workers. 

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