Central Baby Is Better Than Local Pappu

Rahul Gandhi is described as an Amul Baby by many leaders in central politics. They criticize him that he is an infant in politics, he doesn't know anything and he hypes himself more than required. 

Modi's team always says that Amul Baby is unfit for politics. The situation is the same in Andhra Pradesh. YSR Congress Party often criticizes Nara Lokesh as Pappu.

Rahul at the Center and Lokesh here are treated as failed leaders who are unable to cash on their family legacy. Even if they are handed over a script and asked them to read it in front of the mic, they will stutter but can't speak properly.  

Rahul could not continue the legacy of his family though his father, grandmother and great grandfather worked as Prime Ministers. Lokesh could not prove himself though his grandfather and father worked as Chief Ministers.

But Amul Baby is slightly better than Pappu in one aspect.

Rahul Gandhi is continuously targeting the government in the corona crisis and he is never leaving a chance to criticize them. He has proved with real examples that the central government failed in helping the daily wage laborers during the lockdown period. 

Rahul stepped out daringly and interacted with the migrant laborers on the roads and became a hero. As the central government's 20 lakh crores package received a poor response and derided by everybody, the opposition got a starfighter in Rahul. By comparing Modi and Rahul, a section of national media is resorting to a scathing attack on BJP.

Let's keep aside the center for a while. What is the situation here?

Nara Lokesh is not coming out of his home, he is just passing time with Twitter and following #StayHomeStaySafe slogan perfectly.

While YCP Ministers, MPs and MLAs coming out, mingling with people and helping the migrant labor and the locals, Lokesh didn't even dare to enter his own state. 

He is criticizing the government by staying in the neighboring state. There are several jokes circulating in the social media that dad & son will not come to AP until the vaccine is invented for corona.

If Chandrababu is not coming out, one can understand it because he is elderly. Why can't Lokesh come to the people and guide the TDP cadre actively? Can't he support the poor in this crisis?

If he is utilized the lockdown time effectively, he could prove himself as the leader of the masses. People will remember the leaders who are with them in troubles, they will give them a place in their hearts. 

But Chinnababu is habituated to the AC room politics. So he must be aversed to step out and he is comfortable in staying cool.

Both Dad and the Son are believing that they can still win people through yellow media. Gone are those days.

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