Andhra Jyothy RK's Mundu Nuyyi Venuka Goyyi

The plight of Andhra Jyothy RK seems to be like Mundu Nuyyi Venuka Goyyi. He has no option but writing nonsense as asked by or liked by Chandrababu Naidu. 

Because CBN is the only one who is giving financial support to him at least to the degree of running his business in the smallest way possible, as per an inside talk. He has no government Ads from both Telangana and AP governments at present. 

A person close to RK in the condition of anonymity said, "RK has no other way. He is writing his editorial piece under the title Kotta Paluku on compulsion. If he doesn't write this, he will not get support from CBN and his business friends.

As a result he will be compelled to close his paper and channel. If he writes, he is developing enmity with ruling governments.

Adding to that some businessmen from his community those are supporting him are ringing warning bells for him to stop writing against government with no evidences and mere hatred, as they too may land in legal troubles. It is like mundu nuyyi venuka goyyi for RK". 

When asked why doesn't RK attempt to shift loyalties for his own good, the person replied, "He has that idea as far as I know. He didn't discuss openly with me so far, but I heard that he made attempts through some middle men as well.

But neither of the Telugu government heads are interested in him. They didn't even bother about him. So he understood that he has no choice left than writing as per CBN's taste.

Hope you know, CBN has given him around Rs 700 Cr of public money in his term in the form of Advertisements". 

The person concluded saying, "It is ok to write if there is anything wrong on the side of government. But forcefully writing a column just for writing sake and spitting venom cannot bring him or CBN positive results.

Goebbels propaganda is overdone by him. This propaganda is not something new. He did in CBN's term as well.

He used to laud the TDP government a lot and ridicule the opposition as a regular practice. People understood and gave him the opposite result.

But if RK and CBN continue the same kind of propaganda even after losing the election so badly, no one can save them. They are writing their own doom legally, ethically and morally".