TDP Sleeper Cells Spreading Corona?

What is the reason for ever-increasing cases of Covid-19 in Andhra Pradesh? Well, Andhra Pradesh minister for marketing Mopidevi Venkataramana has the answer.

He told reporters on Monday that there was a conspiracy by the Telugu Desam Party led by former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the sudden spurt in the number of Coronavirus cases in the state.

“Nothing is above the wicked politics of Chandrababu Naidu. By looking at the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the state, I am getting the doubt that there could be a big conspiracy by the TDP behind it,” Mopidevi said.

He wondered whether Naidu had sent sleeper cells from his party affected by Covid-19 into the state to spread Coronavirus.

“It is really surprising that Covid-19 cases are surfacing even in the safe zones of late. This has given rise to suspicion that the TDP has been sending sleeper cells into these areas to trouble Jagan. There is no doubt that Naidu can stoop down to any level,” he alleged.

The minister lashed out at the TDP leaders for blaming it on newly-appointed state election commissioner V Kanagaraj for the spread of Coronavirus to four employees of Andhra Pradesh Raj Bhavan. 

“It clearly showed the degenerative mentality of the TDP leaders to gain political mileage,” he said.