Caste Heads Warn ABN Radha Krishna

The community that has opposed the state division in big way and benefited in Andhra Pradesh after the division is now in introspective mood. 

There is no political presence of their community in Telangana State. 

But the only blessing in disguise is that the political power in Telangana is sparing them as they have become irrelevant so far. 

At this juncture, if someone writes "No one is here to get afraid..." kind of writings like that of Andhra Jyothy RK, challenging the government with hatred, things will not be the same. 

It is observed that the situation changed just within four days of such writings. No one knows, what indications have gone to ABN RK, but he became afraid and stopped writing baseless allegations on Telangana Government.

Adding to that the daily has started praising the government with bigger adjectives. There is a big reason behind this change, as per the sources. 

It seems that some community heads have given warnings to RK to keep quiet and use some brain. Majority of their investments are in Telangana State and some of them have been doing businesses taking some liberties those are not legal. If the government wishes to screw them legally, they would become scapegoats. So, they warned RK not to become a target and collaterally make them also a target. 

"We ruled in our time in AP. You wrote whatever you wanted to during Kukatpally elections. Now we have no place in AP. Our businesses are here in TS. Let us be silent and let the life move on. We need to learn pro Telangana aspect. Adding to this, in this Corona times, the businesses are at loss. Print media is also not immune to it. So, with no government support in both the states, you cannot survive and we too cannot help you in our way if you mess up with T Government", a big man who belongs to a community advised RK. 

As a result, the scene is changed in Andhra Jyothy with no negative news in any corner.