Fact Check: Liquor Secrets Of Film Celebs In Lockdown

The lockdown is tough. Wine shops are shuttered down. Common man is finding his ways to get a bottle of drink at least from back doors but ending up many times without a drop.

Some are buying/selling double the prices from the known circles and getting caught by the police. But how the big celebrities are managing with this mishap? Are they giving up the habit? The answer is NO. They are celebrating better than before, not violating the law. 

The lockdown rule says that one cannot buy or sell liquor in this time, but not mentioned anything about sharing of bottles in a friendly way. 

There are many perks for being a celebrity. The benefits will be seldom known to them in tough times. Here are some authentic liquor stories of film celebrities in Hyderabad. 

A top film hero living in Jubilee Hills has a habit of drinking only the Glen varieties of whisky. His personal bar is empty after 15 days of lockdown. But even in this tough time, he got his favorite brand that too free of cost. But how could he make it possible? The actor has some big shot friends in the city those have personal bars at home. They have collection of international spirits. The actor's media connections helped him in big way. Since the media people have no restrictions to move around during lockdown, a media reporter has done the courier service to develop relation with the star. As per a source he handed over 4 bottles of Glenlivet to the star. Now the star hero is on whatsapp reach with this small time political reporter. 

An active politician who kept away from alcohol in recent times has chosen to sip a couple of drinks every evening to beat boredom. But again, he is also brand conscious. He loves to have only cognac and that too of Hennessy. The issue is solved again with a media reporter who couriered couple of bottles from an ace film writer's house. The film writer, despite not habituated to drinks, kept those bottles for his personal collection to gift for some directors in the industry. But now, due to the lockdown, a new relation has developed between the film writer and this top politician.

Another popular alcohol addict in Telugu film industry is a controversial Mumbai based director who opened a spacious office in Jubilee Hills a few months back. He lives on Vodka and entire nation knows about this. Though not particular, his regular brand is Absolut and of course, he is lucky to get enough of them even in this lockdown from his friends. His connections in media are delivering the more than required number of bottles at his doorstep without any hassle. A source says that he received a huge collection of bottles as gift those will be sufficient for him till the end of 2020. 

While the success stories are like these, many in the film industry are discussing with pity about a top hero who drinks only the Mansion House brandy. The brand is neither expensive nor international, so no big shot will keep those bottles in his shelf. It is generally available only in normal wine shops but they are shut down till April 30th. The stock with him might have finished 10 days ago as per some reliable sources.