Tej Wouldn't Come In His Brother's Way!

Sai Dharam Tej’s Solo Brathuke So Better was scheduled for release on May 1. It would have been a great release date for Tej as it would have gotten solo slot on a labour holiday. However, SBSB cannot release on May 1 as it isn’t finished yet.

Team SBSB is hoping that the shootings will resume from third week of April so that they could wrap it up by May end.

Currently, Tej is eyeing at June release so that there will be one month gap between his younger brother Vaishnav Tej’s Uppena and SBSB.

Uppena was scheduled for April 2nd release, but it is now pushed to May 7th. The team is hopeful that theaters and movie business will be back to functioning by that time. However, there is no clarity over other release dates as yet.

Nani’s V, Anushka’s Nissabdham and Ram’s Red also are looking for a proper slot for release.