Ruhani Sharma Scares Producers with High Salary

Ruhani Sharma made a debut in “Chi La Sow” which was a decent success. But offers didn’t rain on her.

Only after a gap of a year, she could grab an offer in Nani produced “HIT” that hit the screens on Feb 28.

As per industry buzz, the producers are said to have paid her a remuneration of Rs 13 lakhs.

At a time when the industry is witnessing a dearth of a sufficient number of heroines, Ruhani should have grabbed the situation and set her career on the right track. But she is scaring the producers with her demands.

When a couple of producers approached her to sign in their films, she reportedly demanded a remuneration of Rs 30 lakhs, which is more than double what she received for “HIT”. 

Producers accept a heroine’s demands only when she has a huge craze. Ruhani, on the other hand, is yet to gain tag of big commercial heroine. She has not proved her acting skills either.

In the recently released “HIT”, her role is hardly seen in the movie. With such a scenario, she demanding hefty remuneration is silly, say the analysts.

Then why producers are approaching her? Such is the paucity of heroines in Tollywood. 

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