Opinion: Naidu's Questionable Experience

Chandrababu Naidu always claims big and great about his 40 years of experience and his stint as chief minister for close to 15 years.

He talks very big about his political and administrative experience and claims himself as visionary standing ahead of other politicians in the country.

But, all that experience and vision seems to have lost or worked only for him and his party, if one goes by the sequence of incidents that happened in Visakhapatnam, the other day.

The decentralization of administration and the three capitals proposal of the present AP government had become some sentimental issue connected to historical developments of Rayalaseema region, the complete backwardness of North Andhra.

Above all, there is sentiment attached to the people in the name of Amaravati.

When Chandrababu Naidu, who is opposing the capital decentralization proposal, started his Praja Chaitanya Yatra and touring districts, not much opposition was seen. When he gave time for the tour in Vizianagaram also there was no resistance.

But, when he decided to have a motor rally in Visakhapatnam city, there was some resistance from the people and the ruling YSR Congress as well.

As a leader with 40 years of experience Chandrababu Naidu should have realized the sensitivity of the issue and should have voluntarly withdrew the idea of taking out a rally in Visakhapatnam.

Even after sensing the seriousness of the issue with more people gathering to gherao him, he should have used his experience as chief minister to sense trouble with the mob psychology and withdrew the proposal.

Having served as chief minister for so many years, Chandrababu Naidu knows how the crowd behaves and should have avoided creating such a situation.

Luckily, the ruling YSR Congress leaders, who organized and led the protest, were cautious, otherwise things would have gone out of hand with the large number of people gathered and protested for so long.

Chandrababu Naidu appeared to have lost his experience and vision or he must have wanted violence to happen and then take advantage of the situation.

No experienced leader would have done what Chandrababu Naidu had done in Visakhapatnam.