Dil Raju Hurt with Baseless Rumors

After Allu Aravind and D Suresh Babu, the only producer who attained star status is Dil Raju.

Unlike the other two producers, Dil Raju doesn’t come from a film family but today he’s dictating the terms and business in the Tollywood industry.

He is one of the most powerful personalities in the industry. This is his professional side. 

Regarding his personal life, the star-producer lost his wife sometime back and has been leading a lonely life.

He works 18 hours daily and when he returns home, there are no dear ones to receive him or talk to.

His daughter got married. It was his daughter and son-in-law who suggested he get married but he refused on their proposal but they forced him to agree to it.

They also set an alliance with a lady who is well-known to Dil Raju. This has been reported by GreatAndhra earlier. 

However, some overenthusiastic media has gone a step ahead and married him off already. Dil Raju is seemed to have deeply hurt with baseless reports.

He has agreed to marry again when his entire family members including his daughter forced him. Then where is the need for getting married secretly?

Responding to these rumors, he reportedly told his close members that his second wedding would not be a secret ceremony. He would invite all his friends in the industry to the wedding ceremony.

He is now just 50. He maintains his fitness well. He looks younger than his age. In any case, getting married again is not a big deal in today’s times.

Rumormongers should stop creating such stories.