Vamshi Terribly Upset With Mahesh's Treatment!

Not every movie in the pipeline materializes and go to the sets. Every director and actor is aware of the fact.

However, despite being an experienced director, Vamshi Paidipally is deeply upset when Mahesh called off his project with him. He would have been fine if Mahesh rejected the story or asked for some changes in the script.

But Mahesh simply shelved the project and his team leaked the news to media in no time.

Vamshi Paidipally has been hanging out with Mahesh since Maharshi. Even their families got closer post Maharshi’s success. However, Mahesh didn’t consider his growing acquaintance with Vamshi to shelve his project.

What's hurting him more is the way the news broke out than the fact that Mahesh turned down his story. 

Vamshi couldn’t take the humiliation and he is reportedly depressed with the developments.

He was assured that his next with Mahesh would be launched in a few weeks. Everything went down the hill at the blink of an eye and Vamshi is struggling to come out of the shock.