Naidu Should Close Amaravati Drama

They have been on the fighting mode for the past two months, to be precise it is for the past 68 days.

There are 29 villages and about 29,000 farmers have given their lands in pooling to the capital Amaravati during TDP regime.

But, there are not more than 200 people participating in the protests every day, not on bigger agitation call given and sponsored by the TDP.

If all the 29,000 farmers along with their families or at least with spouse, join the protest, there would be at least 58,000 people in the protest, which would look like almost a battle field.

But, that visual did not appear till now in the protest, but for the video clips and photographs of the media, which tries to show larger crowd.

If every family in the 29 villages join the protest, as being claimed by TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and his loyalists, including the media, there would be a larger crowd at the protests, grabbing the eye of the globe, without the TDP lobbying for the same with the media.

The past 68 days have told us that people of these 29 villages or the farmers of those 29,000 families, leave alone the people of all the 13 districts, are not interested in Amaravati model of Chandrababu Naidu.

Besides giving a massive mandate against Naidu, even the people of the capital villages, which fall under Mangalagiri and Tadikonda Assembly constituencies, have rejected Chandrababu Naidu and his party, indicating that they are not approving Amaravati model.

It is unfortunate and politically-motivated too, to continue agitation on an issue which is not connected to the majority people.

To keep this movement alive with the support of the media, the TDP is resorting to physical attack on leaders, mostly targeting the Dalits, to be more specific Bapatla MP Nadigam Suresh, who was once a daily wage labourer in Amaravati.

It is high time that Chandrababu Naidu and his supporters stop this manufactured movement in the name of Amaravati and look for a better issue.