TDP Planting Paid News In Yellow Media!

YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday lashed out at the “yellow media” which, he said, have been spreading canards against his government and maligning his government.

Jagan made these comments while addressing the gathering at Vizianagaram, after launching the Jagananna Vasathi Deevena programme.

He said the Telugu Desam Party had been planting stories against the government in the media, by paying them money, showing the state in poor light.

“These media have been publishing paid articles saying that industries are being closed down and investments are not coming to the state. However, we are resolute to take forward our agenda and will not be cowed down by such tactics,” he said. 

“What should we call these people who are making baseless allegations day in and day out? What should we call them when they are planting paid articles saying industries are flying away from the state? What should we call them, who are instigating mob attacks on our party leaders stating that we should not do justice to all the three regions?” he asked.

He found fault with the newspapers and channels for writing negative stories against the government because they were worried about Naidu losing ground in the state if the YSRC government implemented historic move of distributing 25 lakh house sites to the poor.

“I need the support of the people and also the God. Because, I am waging a war with devils. I am fighting against not just with the media channels which are focusing on negative news but also maniacs, in the guise of agitators, who were attacking the ruling party members,” Jagan said.