Reel Buzz: Mahesh Babu Rattles Bollywood Producers!

Mahesh Babu is neither doing any pan India movies nor does he have commitment with any Bollywood producer. Then why are Bollywood producers irked with our Superstar?

Buzz has it that Bollywood star heroes have come to know about the pay check of Mahesh Babu. They are aware of the fact that Mahesh got Rs. 50 Cr as remuneration for Sarileru Neekevvaru.

Mahesh’s market range is below Rs. 150 Cr and if he gets almost one-third of the movie’s business as his remuneration then how much should we get is their question.

Bollywood top stars business ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 Cr and they are reportedly demanding higher remuneration after knowing about the hefty pay check of a regional star.

Getting Superstar Mahesh Babu onboard amid high competition is extremely tough. Hence, producers are offering mind-boggling pay check to get his attention.

Mythri Movie Makers also would be paying Rs. 50 Cr for #Mahesh27, according to reports.