Pawan took 3 months for his donation!

It took nearly three months for power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan to put his announcement into practice with regard to donating Rs 1 crore to Indian Armed Forces.

The Jana Sena chief went to New Delhi, amidst his hectic schedule in films, and meet the officials of the Kendriya Sainik Welfare Board on Thursday. 

He presented a cheque of Rs 1 crore to the board authorities to take up welfare schemes for Indian armed forces, which are protecting our country from enemy attacks.

It was revealed by Jana Sena Party through twitter on Thursday afternoon. Though it is a wonderful gesture on the part of Pawan Kalyan to donate Rs 1 crore to the welfare of Armed Forces, one wonders why he had taken such a long time after making an announcement.

Generally, the Sainik Welfare Board receives huge donations from all sections of people, businessmen and industrialists on December 7 in the form of Flag Day fund. 

The day is observed as Indian Armed Forces Flag Day to honour the bravery of soldiers, Airmen, sailors and their families. Indian Armed Forces Flag day is being observed since 1949.

Pawan, too, made the announcement on February 6 that he was donating Rs 1 crore to the Flag Day fund. Though everybody expected that he would make the donation on December 7, he did not do it.

He said he would personally handover the cheque to the authorities concerned in New Delhi during his next visit.

Subsequently, the Jana Sena chief went to New Delhi twice and forged an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

Though he was in New Delhi for two days, he could not find enough time to meet the Sainik Welfare Board authorities and donate money.

There is also a talk that Pawan might not have so much amount readily with him. So, after signing a couple of films and taking hefty amount as advance, Pawan donated Rs 1 crore to the Sainik Welare Fund, sources said.