Nandamuri Kalyan Ram Thanking His Stars!!

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and hit status are not things that you hear very commonly. Though he is an actor who has always attempted to give something new to audiences, success has visited him only sporadically. 

His latest action thriller 118 is one such film that is turning out to be a hit for the actor. Sold for very reasonable prices, the movie is on its way to achieving break-even status for all parties involved. 

The movie had a fantastic Day 4, with Nizam revenues on Day 4 being higher than Day 3, Day 2 and Day1. The Mahasivarathri public holiday and favourable word of mouth have played a big role in this. 

The Nandamuri actor is reportedly overjoyed and is exclaiming to his close circle about how he can't believe his luck.

The film is continuing its superb good run in Krishna, Uttarandhra areas as well.

Ace producer Dil Raju, who backed this movie by taking the Andhra and Nizam rights, is going to walk away with handsome profits. 

4th Day Shares for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Areas :

Nizam : 76 lakhs
Krishna : 10 lakhs
West : 9 lakhs
East : 10 lakhs
Guntur : 9 lakhs
Uttharandhra : 14 lakhs
Ceeded : 23 lakhs
Nellore : 4 lakhs

Day 4 Total TG and AP Share : 1.57 crores

4 Days Total Shares in AP and Telangana :

Nizam : 2.53 crores
Krishna : 44 lakhs
West : 33 lakhs
East : 36 lakhs
Guntur : 45 lakhs
Uttharandhra : 63 lakhs
Ceeded : 91 lakhs
Nellore : 20 lakhs

Total 4 days Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Share : 5.85 Crores