Kodela spoke to doctor before suicide?

The mystery over former Andhra Pradesh assembly speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao’s last phone call before he committed suicide on Monday seems to have been cracked.

Sources in the police said Kodela had a lengthy talk with Dr Sunitha in Basavarama Tarakam Cancer Hospital at around 10 am, before he went into the bedroom to commit suicide.

The police came to the conclusion after going through the call data of Kodela.

However, the details of what he had spoken to the doctor and whether it was the immediate cause for the suicide are yet to be known. The police are cracking the conversation, sources said.

The police are also suspecting that the mobile phone of Kodela, which was said to be missing since Monday evening, is with the family members.

Once the last rites are over, the police might take it up with the family and take possession of the phone, his diary and other objects.

The post-mortem report reportedly revealed that Kodela had used a cable wire to hang himself from the ceiling.

Apparently, he tried to hang himself with his lungi first, but he found it to too short to tie to the ceiling fan. So, he found the cable wire of the television and used it to kill himself, the sources said.

The police seized the wire, lungi and other objects from the room. He had used three chairs to reach the fan for tying the wire.

The police said they were questioning all those who were connected with Kodela and his family.

“So far, 12 persons were questioned and recorded the statements of all the family members. We are yet to question Kodela’s son Shivaram. We shall complete the investigation soon,” a senior police official, probing the case, said.