Kamma officer behind Naidu to defame Jagan!

The yellow media represented by Kamma community is raising a hue and cry over grama secretariat recruitment every day for the past one week saying that question papers have been leaked to ensure only YSRCP supporters corner these jobs.

However, the yellow media could not produce any solid evidence to prove paper leakage so far except writing gossips and rumours.

Based on these fake reports, TDP chief and former AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu, his son Lokesh and other TDP leaders are levelling wild allegations against AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy and YSRCP government on question paper leakage.

Jagan took serious view of the issue and asked intelligence department to find out who is conspiring to defame him and YSRCP government by levelling false charges over question paper leakage.

Shockingly, it was found that AP Public Service Commission chairman P Uday Bhaskar, who was appointed by Chandrababu Naidu in November 2016 is also part of the conspiracy to defame Jagan and YSRCP government by giving 'false leaks' on question paper leakage issue.

Udaya Bhaskar, who is also a Kamma, is said to be helping Naidu and TDP to defame Jagan and showing his gratitude to Naidu for appointing him as chairman.

However, Jagan is helpless in initiating action against APPSC chairman.

Because it's a constitutional post and only President of India has the power to sack him. The tenure of APPSC chairman is for six years.

Even the President can sack APPSC chairman only after Supreme Court conducts an inquiry and recommends removal to President.

This is a long and tough process. So Jagan has to wait for present APPSC chairman's term to end in November 2022 and appoint a new one in his place.

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