Jagan's degree: Lokesh talking through his hat!

Criticism in politics is quote common, but there is always a limit for it. If a leader makes an allegation against his political opponent, it should have some substance with proper evidences but should not be wild.

On Friday, Telugu Desam Party general secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh sought to make fun of the educational qualifications of YSR Congress party president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Not only that, Lokesh went on to allege that Jagan had leaked tenth class examination papers in the past. 

“Do you know what Jaganmohan Reddy had studied? They say that he studied some B.A or B.Com. Do you know whether he passed or not? He was caught in 10th class paper leak. Such people are preaching today,” Lokesh said, referring to Jagan’s call for cleansing of education system.

Well, Lokesh has every right to criticise his political opponent. But is there any proof for his allegations against Jagan? Jagan is a powerful leader in whom people have belief.

"Are there any proofs for the allegations by Lokesh?" YSRC spokesperson Manoj Kothari asked.

He said it was not about education but a commitment to people’s development that is more important.

In fact, there are doubts over Lokesh’s education. His certificates say he had passed out MBA from Stanford University, but how did he get a seat in such a prestigious university?

There were allegations that his studies were sponsored by Satyam Ramalinga Raju. But it had never become an issue as nobody could prove the allegations!

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