Is Vijay Devarakonda Not Part Of Film Industry?

Vijay Devarakonda has decided to help the deserving poor people on his own Devarakonda Foundation. That is something to be appreciated.

Everybody can hail the idea of helping the needy as a regular process, instead of donating something only during calamities. 

It is known that the film industry has started a Corona Crisis Fund in the leadership of Chiranjeevi. Vijay Devarakonda has extended his wishes but didn't donate even a single penny to it.

Chiranjeevi has thanked all those who donated something to CCC and also appealed to other actors and technicians to come forward to donate. Vijay D didn't donate to CCC even then.

Many are wondering if Vijay Devarakonda is believing that he is not part of industry.

Some are saying, "He must be thinking to run a parallel industry by not joining hands with the existing industry bigwigs". 

Surprisingly many stars and star heroines are behaving like Vijay Devarakonda with respect to CCC. Many are not coming forward to donate for CCC.

When asked, an insider said, "Only two reasons for this. Either these star heroes and star heroines may dislike charity or they have no faith on CCC". 

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