How Would Singapore Project Benefit AP?

A lot of heat and dust is being generated over the exit of Singapore government-led consortium from Amaravati capital city start-up area project which has been virtually wound up by the YSR Congress government in Andhra Pradesh.

But with Amaravati capital city itself in a state of uncertainty, the Singapore project would not have done any benefit to the state.

Moreover, there have been a lot of doubts over the way the consortium was selected, especially the Swiss Challenge method adopted by the Chandrababu Naidu government that smacked of huge irregularities.

Giving a clarification on the Singapore project issue, minister for urban development Botsa Satyanarayana said the Singapore Consortium had closed the Amaravati Capital City Start-up Area project with Andhra Pradesh after the Government could not get a convincing reply on the genuine concerns of the State.   

Botsa said the project was called-off with mutual consent after there was no satisfactory answer to the concerns the government had raised. There was no progress in the required measure and set parameters in the capital area region. 

“We expressed concerns over the project and asked the Singapore Consortium about the benefits the state would get out of the project and why the delay in the project. How the state will benefit out of the project, was the genuine concern we have expressed and a satisfactory reply was not forthcoming,” he said.

The work has not begun in the desired pace in the start-up area and other basic formalities were not completed which is of a great concern to us.

“The government wanted development and growth on a fast track which was found wanting and has decided to close the issue and it was done on mutual consent,” the minister said.

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