Fans bothered by Pawan Kalyan than YSRCP

Pawan Kalyan’s fans are really not worried about the insulting defeat they faced at the hands of YSRCP during the recent elections in Andhra Pradesh.

But the words spoken by Pawan Kalyan while he was addressing TANA is still haunting them.

As a result, Pawan Kalyan fans have no choice but to keep their mouth shut during friendly debates that claim that their leader has lied. 

Here’s what went down. A couple of years ago Pawan Kalyan had claimed that he didn’t even have food for eleven days after the state was bifurcated. Such statements had made fans admire him for his love towards the state. 

But now a contradictory statement that was made in the US by the actor-turned-politician while addressing the TANA meeting has proved that he was lying. 

By now everyone must be aware that at TANA Pawan Kalyan said that he was not worried about the bifurcation of the state. However, he claimed to be confused about choosing his side between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Now his fans have realised that he was lying on one of these occasions, but can’t figure out which one was it, yet.

The friendly debates are now bothering his fans where their counterparts are calling their leader a liar. These statements will also help the opponents to defame him in the future.

Pawan Kalyan should rethink his words before delivering a speech, as there is no chance of a retake in politics, unlike in movies.