Comedian Ali's Frustration on Critics

After a long gap, comedian Ali got the chance to play a full-length comedian role.

At a time, when filmmakers are opting for Vennela Kishore or Rahul Ramakrishna for hero’s buddy characters, Ohmkar gave the role to Ali in “Raju Gari Gadhi 3”. However, the film was slammed by critics and Ali’s comedy didn’t get any brownie points either.

Ali lost his cool at a press meet of RGG3 and vent out his anger on critics for giving poor ratings. He termed reviewers as ‘kaun kiska’.

Ali said people are enjoying the film. General audiences are laughing out loud for each comedy scene.

“I sat in the Brahmaramba theater to assess the audiences' reaction. I got the best response from them,” he said while using bad words against critics.

Ali is not getting many roles these days. He has shown this frustration on critics.