Bigg Boss's Strategic Elimination of Weak Contestants!

Bigg Boss Telugu organisers have definitely learnt their lesson from last season. It became one sided from week 3 and Bigg Boss couldn't do much to stop Kaushal from taking away the crown after fourteen weeks.

They are being very strategic this time in saving their star contestants and removing weaker contestants in the initial stages.

Bigg Boss clearly wants Varun Sandesh couple to stay in the house for a longer time. Hence, they made sure to give maximum footage to Tamanna Simhadri last week that people couldn't stand her sight because of her antics and abuses.

Tamanna's eviction seemed a formality after her initial outbursts. If not for her, Varun's wife Vithika Sheru would have been out by now.

Bigg Boss pulled off another trick in this week's nominations by asking Vithika and Ravi Krishna to decide who would go to nominations among them.

As expected, Ravi Krishna took the bait and nominated himself thus saving Vithika from nominations, which means her stay is now extended for two more weeks.

Punarnavi also has been receiving flak from Bigg Boss audience because of her attitude. But Bigg Boss saved her from nominations by giving her immunity by assigning an easy secret task.

The bigger trick that Bigg Boss pulled in this week's nominations is by directly nominating Rohini under disciplinary action.

A stern warning would have been enough, but Bigg Boss didn't want to miss out on eliminating a weak contestant like Rohini and put her into nominations.

No wonder, Rohini is currently lagging behind everyone in unofficial polls.