Bigg Boss: Srimukhi Instigates Baba; Himaja in Danger

Bigg Boss Season 3 has gone past the midway mark and the contestants started playing mind games.

In Tuesday's episode Srimukhi has instigated Baba Bhaskar by telling him how dependant 'Shiva Jyothi' has become and the ever cool Baba fell right into her trap. He made Shiva Jyothi cry by bringing up her over dependence on others.

Baba could have told her separately, but he was totally brainwashed by Srimukhi and made a blunder by questioning her as a part of the task. This may dent Baba's popularity to an extent.

Srimukhi is reading the game quicker than the rest and started moving friendly with Rahul as he is emerging stronger by the day. Srimukhi is trying her best to get back into good books of Rahul to woo his supporters.

There's a drastic change in Srimukhi's behavior with Rahul after Ali Reza got evicted.  Meanwhile, Himaja is in danger of getting evicted this week.

Vithika and Punarnavi made sure to put Himaja into nominations even though Varun Sandesh saved her by lying down in a tub of cow dung.

Vithika didn't even consider her husband's sacrifice for Himaja and nominated her using the powers of captain.