Bigg Boss Leaks: TV9 Jaffer Evicted!

So the suspense around who is getting evicted from Bigg Boss season 3 is over. According to the leaks from the show, it is TV9 journalist Jaffer who will walk out in Sunday episode.

The weekend episodes featuring the host Nagarjuna are shot on Saturday itself and will be telecast as two separate episodes.

The news about the eviction gets leaked through the audience present at the studio or through insiders.

Jaffer also got less votes in the first week, but Hema got even lesser votes to get out of the house.

He couldn't improve his game in the second week and also expressed his wish to go out as soon as possible.

Jaffer has left his mark on journalism with his sensational interviews, but he couldn't create any impact in the Bigg Boss house.

Although other contestants like Vithika and Punarnavi got less percentage of votes, Jaffer got the least of all.

Eviction of Jaffer may not leave any void in the show except for Baba Bhaskar who has formed a bond a with him.