Bigg Boss 3: Shilpa Evicted; Srimukhi Gets A Warning

Shilpa Chakravarthy who made a very late entry into the Bigg Boss house as the wild card has been evicted from the show. Her elimination episode will be aired on Sunday.

Shilpa's eviction is the most obvious one as she couldn't make any impression on audience in two weeks. A couple of attempts by her to put up a show also backfired and she looked like she was faking.

Senior Television anchor Shilpa couldn't compete with the young and energetic bunch of  housemates and also couldn't add any flavor to the show like a few.

Shilpa got the least votes among the nominated contestants and like many others she too got evicted in her first presence in nominations.

Meanwhile, Saturday episode has taken everybody by surprise, as Nagarjuna showed Srimukhi who's the boss. He warned her for manipulating other housemates.

Srimukhi's mistakes were overlooked many a time before, but Bigg Boss has given her fact check as the show is nearing pre-finale stage.

Punarnavi and Mahesh Vitta also got an earful from Nagarjuna for their antics during the Devil's task. 

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