Behind The Scene: The Proper Word Is 'Benami'

Sivaji is a name that is quite familiar now to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

As an actor, he had a decent run before taking the plunge into politics. But, whatever goodwill he had was completely evaporated when he turned out to be just a TDP man who was only pretending to be neutral.

Later, he made a complete fool of himself by coming up with nonsensical conspiracy theories such as ‘Garuda Purana’ etc.

Yet, people were surprised to see the kind of media space he got in prime channels such as TV9.

It was then revealed that Sivaji was nothing but a stooge of Ravi Prakash and both of them were trying to bring the TDP back to power because of caste-affiliation.

On the eve of elections, Sivaji invited the media and gave a ‘power point’ presentation; the gist of which was this: ‘TDP rule is the only option for Telugus and voting for YSRCP is to be avoided at all costs’.

It was a presentation packed with complete lies and earned the wrath of both the media and the public.

Recently, speaking on a pro-Kamma channel, Sivaji said he was being harassed because of political motives.

And here’s what he said, “Ravi Prakash (TV9) and I are good friends. Out of friendship, he transferred 40,000 shares in TV9 to me. But I did not want to take those shares free of cost. So, I paid Rs 20 lakh to Ravi Prakash.”

This means the great actor Sivaji got shares in TV9 at the price of Rs 50 a share. The proper word would have been ‘benami’. That would lend authenticity to his ‘fairy tales’.

Otherwise, what kind of friendship would make Ravi Prakash offer 40,000 shares free of cost to this joker?

But it now seems as if this man will continue to irritate us on the small screen because the ‘yellow media’ have adopted him.

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