Andhra: Recommendation letters for sale

Old habits die hard! Despite YS Jagan’s efforts to bring in a corrupt-free regime, there are MLAs so firmly entrenched in the system that they continue with their old ways unabated.

Whenever a government official wants a transfer to a particular place, he or she normally approaches the local MLA for his assistance.

This MLA from Nellore had won twice not because of any cadre but purely on the strength of YS Jagan’s image.

In fact, during his earlier tenure, he had even contemplated joining the TDP but later abandoned his plan.

This MLA is now giving his recommendation letters for transfer for a fixed price. And that’s not all!

Recently, a lady sub-registrar had approached him for a transfer and he asked her to deposit half of the collection by evening every day..

By encouraging promotions and transfers on the basis of seniority and doing away with recommendations, the government will earn the goodwill of the people apart from curbing such practices.

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