Amidst sibling war, Vijayamma flies to US!

Caught between her son Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and daughter Y S Sharmila, who have been engaged in a bitter political battle in Andhra Pradesh, former MLA and widow of former chief minister Y S Vijayalakshmi, also known as Vijayamma, quietly left for the United States of America to escape the political turmoil.

According to reports on various social media platforms, Vijayamma had departed for the US well before the Easter celebrations last Sunday and has been residing with the family of her newly-wed grandson and Sharmila’s only son, Y S Raja Reddy.

“She will stay there until the election season is over in the third week of May. Perhaps, she also seeks relief from the scorching summer heat, in addition to the political tension within the family,” a source said.

It is evident that Vijayamma finds herself in a difficult situation, as Jagan and Sharmila have become bitter adversaries, at least in the political arena. Readmore!

Despite extending her blessings to her son and praying for his victory for a second consecutive term in the upcoming elections, she cannot ignore Sharmila either.

Vijayamma has been facing an awkward predicament ever since Sharmila entered Andhra politics and assumed leadership of the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee.

Since Sharmila is directly targeting Jagan and accusing him of shielding the killers of her uncle Vivekananda Reddy, Vijayamma finds it hard to accept.

Thus, she believes it is better to distance herself from this bitter conflict between her son and daughter. She remains hopeful that once the elections are concluded, things may settle down to a large extent.

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