Adivi Sesh Denies Getting Married to Supriya

It is no secret that Adivi Sesh and Nagarjuna's niece Supriya are in love relationship. Entire Tollywood knows about their relationship.

However, they didn’t admit it to the media yet. But suddenly, there have been rumors that they are taking their relationship to the next level.

From the past few months, industry is abuzz that Akkineni family is gearing up for another wedding celebration.

Fueling fire to these speculations, Adivi Sesh recently tweeted that that he would make a big announcement towards end of Feb. So, media started writing about their wedding.

But now, Adivi Sesh now clarifies on this. Although he has not mentioned Supriya's name nor he said a word about marriage, he said he is solely focused on career. “Nothin else” is there in his life, he added.

The Goodachari actor further tweeted, “Guys n gals, the only big thing happening in my life right now is movies. Acting. Writing. Trying to live the dream by doing what I love. Trying to keep my head down. Work hard. Keep getting better. Keep doing my best. Nothing else. :) Love, Sesh.”

Supriya took divorce from her first husband and has a kid with her first marriage.