Abhinetry 2 Trailer: Neither Excites Nor Entertains

Abhinetry directed by Vijay was one of the well made horror films with an interesting premise.

It was not run of the mill horror comedies that are being made in huge numbers lately. But the sequel to Abhinetry seems to be the one that follows the current trend.

Apparently, makers are disappointed with the original's bad box office performance that they made the sequel fit into the regular horror comedies that get good reception at the ticket windows.

Abhinetry 2 trailer has more comedy than horror, which is why it doesn't excite much. Neither the comedy is enjoyable.

It has Tamanna, Prabhu Deva and Nandita Shwetha playing the leads with regular supporting cast like Kovai Sarala and Saptagiri taking care of the comedy department.

Abhinetry 2 is coming on May 31 in the theaters.